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Come and connect to the energies of the Angelic Kingdom and the four Archangels: Gabriel, Jophiel, Raphiel and Chamuel this Christmas. You will spend a beautiful day with these Archangels, connecting and learning about each Archangel and taking away a beautiful vibrational essence that has been attuned to their energies.

  • Date: 09/12/2023 11:00 PM - 09/12/2023 05:00 AM
  • Location Wellington Square, Hastings, UK (Map)


  You will:

  • Learn about each of the four Archangels above and be taken on a beautiful meditation with each to connect with their energies.

  • You will be attuned to each of the above Archangel’s energy in a beautiful ceremony.

  • You will be attuned to the beautiful energy of Angelite crystal in a beautiful ceremony and this will help you connect with your personal guardian Angel’s.

  • These attunements will connect you to the energies of these four Archangels and their qualities and that of Angelite crystal.

  •  You will receive a manual as a record of all that you have learnt.

  • You will take away a vibrational essence that has been attuned to the Angelic, Archangel Gabriel, Jophiel, Raphiel and Chamuel energies and the crystal Angelite as a beautiful reminder and connection aid of the day.  

  •  You will be given the crystal Angelite to take away that is also attuned to all of the above energies to help your future connection to the Angelic realm.

  • At the end of the workshop, you should be feeling blissful and ready for Christmas.  Your Workshop facilitator is Cheryl Fryers, Angelic Medium, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, trained teacher (PGCE).

The times of the workshop are 10am-5pm 9th December 2023

Energy exchange is £75 and includes, manual, teaching, crystal and Angelic vibrational essence.

 To book or any questions please email Cheryl on: