Angelic and Fae Readings ©

Angelic Readings where I connect to the Angelic Realm to bring through guidance on a variety of topics love, career, family for your highest and best outcome. Fae readings where we connect with the Elemental realm to bring through your Fairy, mermaid or Unicorn Guide and their guidance for you in your topic of choice above and answer your questions. Readings can be carried out online or in person.

Workshops and Courses

As a qualified teacher and experienced educator, I run a variety of workshops of one day and longer and courses in holistic therapies as well as retreats. Amongst these are: Angelic Reiki 1 & 2, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki, 1, 2 & Master Teacher, Usui Reiki 1, 2 & Master/Teacher. Introduction to Flower Essences, Spiritual Development, Introduction to Crystals.

Holistic Therapies

I offer Crystal healing, Unicorn Soul Light Session © , Flower essence consultations, Theta Healing, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Usui Reiki.

Beauty Therapies

As a trained beauty and spa therapist to NVQ 3, I offer beautiful facials, manicures, pedicures, full body massage, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling using flower essences, essential oils of the highest vibration, Vegan and Organic products wherever possible made both myself as a licensed producer and using Young Living and Neal's Yard Organics products. The quality of the products that we place on our precious bodies is something that I am passionate about and have been ever since my daughter was in utero!

Womens' Bi-Monthly Moon Circles ©

Women coming together to support women at each new moon and full moon of the lunar month. Drink sacred Cacao, be led on a beautiful meditation to connect with the season energies of Nature. Set your intentions and let us weave our magic together in sacred space.

Sacred Retreats

Come and be held in the most beautiful sacred space as we work with the lunar and seasonal energies and the energy of our bodies mind and soul. Sometimes we journey with the Fae and sometimes we journey with the Divine Feminine.

Coaching with Cheryl ©

Coaching with Cheryl © I have been so blessed to help a lot of people with the Theta sessions that I offer. What is it that you need to succeed? I have held a variety of successful positions in different career pathways but what is it we need to feel really fulfilled and the best version of you? When we combine Theta belief work and healing with the magic of the Fae and flower essences together with my intuitive abilities as a psychic and Angel Medium then you can start to progress. Sometimes it is the belief of an ancestor or from a past life that is holding us back in life just because of a belief that was held here. Oftentimes this is lodged in the subconscious and simply needs to be replaced with a more useful belief. So it is with our beliefs around money, relationships, ourself, career. I know how to help you head towards whatever your goal may be. All packages can be bespoked although I offer a 7 month or 7 week generic package that will benefit everyone. If you book a session of six sessions then the seventh is free as long as you pay for these either all prior to six prior to commencement of the first session or the first 3 prior to commencement of the first session and then the second half prior to commencement of the fourth session.

Soul Midwifery

This is such a beautiful offering that is so close to my heart. I have had the privilege to be present at the bedside of the dying. All deaths are unique to the individual but not all are chosen by them. I assist the dying and their loved ones to have a good death. I believe this is the right of all of us. This is very sacred work and I combine healing with flower essences, support, meditation and essential oils all as part of this tailored sacred service.

Sacred Womb: Women's Services Menarche to Menopause & Beyond ©

Sometimes it can be difficult being a woman in a patriarchal society based upon technological advance. Our bodies and our souls I believe, are not designed to live as men and thus we have the root of many difficulties within our bodies. I offer flower essences, essential oils, womb blessings and rites, yoni steaming, crystal healing and sacral womb massage and the wisdom of my studies to work with issues to do with the menopause, menarche, fertility and perimenopause. These work beautifully in conjunction with conventional prescriptions and are not intended to replace any that you are under. Benefit from the seventh session free when you book six sessions and pay for either all six in advance of the first session or the first three and then pay for the remainder prior to commencement of the fourth session.