Would you like to honour the sacred journey of your pregnancy? Would you like to feel a real connection to your baby and to immerse yourself in a beautiful soul connection. This is such an exciting and beautiful time. This course is the perfect partner to your journey. The Course spans the 40 weeks of pregnancy. There are so many tools out there for the physical journey but what about the Soul's journey, the emotional and Spiritual journey? This course fills that need. Meditations to help you connect with the precious soul that is your baby Meditations with Mother Mary and other Archangels and Ascended Masters as well as crystals and flowers to nurture you and your baby's soul. Flower and vibrational essences to take you through conception to childbirth (all are safe to take during pregnancy and so safe in fact that the baby can take them once born) A Monthly course to take you through your special 40 weeks. Connect with Mother Mary and work with them through sacred work during this time. Monthly support calls, Facebook Group and a beautiful guide to help you through each week. As a Mother of four beautiful children and a past life Midwife of the Soul I help secure the incoming soul, nurture it so it feels safe in utero and assist with the bonding process. Coming to Earth is a very special soul mission and I have the skills to help you feel safe and held emotionally, physically and spiritually throughout this process.

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