These are recorded and sent to you. You may also wish to book a shorter reading of 30 minutes, priced at £35 or a longer one of 90 minutes for £90 .

  • Category: Psychic
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Location:Zoom Link




I use my clairvoyant, intuitive and Mediumistic skills to connect to the Angelic or the Elemental realms and give guidance on your chosen question and subject.  These often cover career, romance, relationships or your subject of choice.  I can bring forward your Angel or Spirit Guide.  With the Elemental readings I am able to connect you to your Fairy, Unicorn or Mermaid Guide.  Please note that I do not have any control on who steps forward for you.  My readings are always positive and given from the Highest and Best possible vantage point to offer you assistance on your Soul's Path.  I am completely led by Spirit and the Angels and so no reading is ever the same.  They are all delivered with great love and taken through the Seventh Plane of existence for the most pure and clear reading.