As a Katseye consultant I can tailor aromatherapy products to your requirements. There are bath salts, body lotions, body sprays etc that can be blended to help with the emotions and the spiritual.

  • Category: Beauty Treatments
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours




I use my training as a Flower Essence Consultant and a Katseye Consultant and beautician to listen to your Spiritual, physical, emotional and mental needs and then create beautiful blended non toxic beauty products to treat you on all four levels.  For instance, we all have heard that beauty is not only surface deep.  We can include a blend of oils, essences, crystal and Angelic energies within the blend's ingredients to treat how you see yourself and how you actually look.   These remedies are powerful and have helped those with loneliness, broken hearts and a host of other issues.  

Please note that I quote above for a consultation.  A consultation is highly recommended but you may just pay the price for the product.