Coaching with Cheryl © What is it that you need to succeed? I have held a variety of successful positions in different career pathways but what is it we need to feel really fulfilled and the best version of you? When we combine Theta belief work and healing with the magic of the Fae and flower essences together with my intuitive abilities as a psychic and Angel Medium then you can start to progress. Sometimes it is the belief of an ancestor or from a past life that is holding us back in life just because of a belief that was held here. Oftentimes this is lodged in the subconscious and simply needs to be replaced with a more useful belief. So it is with our beliefs around money, relationships, ourself, career. I know how to help you head towards whatever your goal may be. All packages can be bespoked although I offer a 7 month or 7 week generic package that will benefit everyone.

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  • Service Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Price:£65



Email me for further details and for us to arrange a package tailored for you.